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Who are we?

The United Network is an established online community of people which gets involved in all aspects of the online world.
We believe in Security, Freedom and Opporunity.
We are community bounded by our interests and principles.

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Basic Information

Official Name: The United Network of the Respective States

Shorter Names: United Network, The Network, UN

National Flag:

Location:, World Wide Web

Form of Government: Constitutional Democratic Republic

Main Language: English

President: Dan Franco

Constitution and Laws: In Progress

Equivilant Area (estimate): 15 million km² / 1000TB

GDP: USD$ 421.32

GDP per Capita: USD$ 26.33

The Executive Team

The United Network is represented by the work of the elected officials.
The Nation is a democracy, that means the officials are representatives of what you want. You vote, we provide.

Freedom, Opportunity, Security

Our community believes in Principles and rights.

Freedom of Speech

Democracy as a right

Big Brother Protection

Personal Privacy

Peace & Safety

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Online Democracy

Structure keeps the Union strong, We are structured on Democracy and our own Constitution!
President, Senators, Judges, Delegates and More...

Virtual Economy

From earning to spending... Business to Corporate. The United Network provides a financial system which benefits it's citizens. The First online economy.

How to become a Citizen

Interested in becoming a citizen of the United Network? The United Network immigration office will be taking applications into the nation.

Who does the nation need?

The United Network needs people:
-Who believe in Freedom, Opportunity and Security state.
-Who use internet regularly and easily accessed.
-Who are not affiliated with hate groups or cyber terrorism

How to apply

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