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Who are we?

The United Network is an established online community of people which gets involved in all aspects of the online world. We provide an Online environment for Gamers alike. The United Network is founded on the principles of online Freedom, Opportunity, Security. The United Network holds it's own democratic structure to elect the President, Senators, Representatives and Delegates. The People make the community a better, stronger and more powerful community.

What we Stand for.

Freedom, Opportunity, Security

The United Network is a great online Nation which has a constitution and set of Principles we Peserve and Protect.
Citizens of the United Network are guaranteed all of these rights.

You will own a Virtual Passport which represents your citizenship to the Nation and is your bargining ticket and pass which guarentees you your rights given to you by the United Network Constitution.

Right to Freedom

Right to Protection

Right to Vote

Power of the People

Online Democracy

As a citizen, the controls are handed to you... the people.
Vote, Endorse and run for the powerful positions of the newest social elite.
You have the power to shape the new online world!


With the launch of the Mayfair currency, the Newest online currency, you can earn in the Network and spend your money that you earn on things like your own virtual property, profile upgrades, inter-network entertainment systems and so much more produced by you... the people.

Gamers have a home too...

Simplicity in gaming... It's become rare.
Make new friends.
For the socialites, you can meet new people in a safe online landscape.
From new Friendships to New Relationships... this is the perfect place for you.
Create your own events, competitions and tournaments.

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