Citizenship Application of the United Network

Security is our highest importance for our Nation, so your application may be denied if you pose some potential risk to the United Network

You must be at least 14 years old to apply to the United Network.

In order to enter the United Network, you must fill out all necessary details. All details are confidential and safely secured, unlike many other corporations, we DON'T sell your information to other companies.

Phone Number

Current Residency


Religious Beliefs

Security Questions

Have you had any criminal convictions within the past 5 years?

Are you affiliated with any extremist religious or faith groups?

What is your position on religion?

What is your position on Privacy?

Opinions on the state of the Online world

Do you plan on investing in the United Network? If so, how much do you intend?

Have you declared bankruptcy or insolvency within the past 5 years?

Do you have any political links to governments?

If you have a business would you be willing to invest your business in the United Network?

Are you a Kickstarter supporter?If so, please input your reference code

Would you donate to the United Network, if so how much?

What sort of occupation, if any, would you be interested in the United Network?

Why do you want to be apart of the United Network?*

Why should the United Network allow you citizenship?*

Where did you hear about us?

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