Gaming Credit by the United Network

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Have you wanted a game so badly but you have to wait until PayDay or it takes a while to get the funds together?

The GCS is a system where citizens of the United Network can own an Xbox Game that they want, but can't afford or buy right now.

If you're on Low Income, this system helps you play videogames with your friends.

How it works

1. Be a citizen of the United Network (This benefit is only entitled to citizens)

2. Choose a Game

3. Choose a Repayment Plan (Pay Lump Sum or Pay in installments)

4. United Network Approves the Plan

5. Put 50p Deposit to Approve Deal

6. United Network Sends you the Game as an Xbox gift (Downloadable)

Secure Money

PayPal Logo

We use PayPal to Secure your repayments while having ease of access!
You need to create or own an existing PayPal account in order to get any videogame from the United Network.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

The Agreement

Once Choosing your game and Pay Plan, the United Network will either approve or deny. If approved, we will create an agreement deal which specifies that we will buy the videogame for you and you will keep to the payment plan.

If you have honest issue with repayments, the agreement deal can be changed or adjusted in order to help. We take care of our own citizens...

Why we believe in this

The United Network is an online community which is brought together through similar interests and hobbies. By allowing citizens the freedom and opportunity to join in with the community and have fun, regardless of their bank balance, then we've done our job!

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