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Who are we?

The United Network is an established online community of people which gets involved in all aspects of the online world.
We believe in Security, Freedom and Opporunity.
By Joining, you can have exclusive access to Corporate Network and become apart of a welcoming society.

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Freedom, Opportunity, Security

Our community believes in Principles and rights.

Freedom of Speech

Democracy as a right

Big Brother Protection

Personal Privacy

Peace & Safety

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Online Democracy

Structure keeps the Union strong, We are structured on Democracy and our own Constitution!
President, Senators, Judges, Delegates and More...


Corporate Network is the businesses and institutions which are finacially interlinked within the United Network Economy.
All boring business stuff... but keeps the United Network funded and Secure.

How to Join

The Process is kept simple but thorough.
We individually review each person who becomes a citizen in order to keep the Nation secure and keep you safe.
Some States in the United Network do have minimum age requirements to be in, but you will still have a place!


Simply fill out the application form with all the required details. Then send it off

Review and Checks

Officials will review your application and do some checks. You will recieve an email within 48 hours.

Choose a State

Once granted citizenship you will have to decide on a State which best suits your interests